Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Exclusive Designer- Rosie Co

I live in Tasmania, starting my life in Hobart for the first 18 years where I learnt to appreciate many different crafts, especially patchwork from my mother. I then moved to Launceston to study Architecture at the university. Since then I have been a building designer, with a passion for designing quilts! I like to design for the young and trendy, but most of my designs can be enjoyed by all. I learned at uni to be bold, to make a feature stand out and be noticed, a technique that also applies to quilt design.I sewed my first quilt when I was 14 – a kaleidoscope quilt with a bold patterned fabric on a black background. I was introduced to appliqué later and immediately wanted to use this technique combined with patchwork to create unique and spectacular designs.I often find inspiration from looking at fabrics. Many fabrics have beautiful complex designs that provide the basis for new ideas.I also enjoy painting - watercolour and acrylic, paper tole, card making, scrapbooking, dress making, knitting, crochet, tapestry and cross stitch and many other crafts – anything new I’m willing to have a go at. The crafts where the design is flexible are my favourite!
Thanks Rosie , it is great to see where your amazing talent comes from. To view Rosie's exquisite range of quilts click here. Some of whcih are also available as BOM's

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